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2023 Landfill Waste Diversion

All curbside and drop off recycling processed and distributed to manufacturers through WestRock: 194 Tons Monthly/2,323.97 Tons Annual

Curbside recycling: 123 tons monthly/1,486.53 tons annual (2,973,040 lbs.)
Drop off sites:  29 tons monthly/350.69 tons annual
(701,380 lbs.)

Office/112 Industrial Way:  40 tons monthly/486.75 tons annual (973,276 lbs.)

Household Hazardous Waste: 251,985 lbs./125.99

Aluminum cans:  4,360 lbs./2.18 tons
Antifreeze:  400 gal.

Electronics:  70,779 lbs./35.38 tons
Latex paint:  18,085 lbs./9 tons
Lead acid batteries:  3,412 lbs./1.7 tons

Light bulbs:  4,151 bulbs
Motor oil:  2,475 gal.
Non-PCB light ballasts:  226 lbs.
Tires:  2,121 passenger tires:  74,000 lbs./37 tons
Pesticides/oil based products/paint aerosols:  4,311 lbs./2.15 tons
Scrap metal:  76,812 lbs./38.40 tons

Total waste diverted from landfill 2023: 
4,899,681 lbs./2,449.84 tons


Solid Waste
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