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Recycling Education

Clark County Solid Waste offers a free educational recycling presentation (groups of 30 or less) to elementary school students.  The program can be done during library time.


Elementary Program Includes:


Overview of the 3 R's of Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Recycle Bingo (K-3)


Recycle Trivia! The class is divided into two teams. Groups of three work together to answer recycling trivia questions.


Recycle Board Game (classes are divided into groups of 5 or 6)


Grade K-3 Program: 30 Minutes


Grade 4-6 Program: 45-60 Minutes


High School Program (conservation clubs):  45-60 minutes


To schedule a presentation for your classroom or civic group, please email Debby McGrath at or call (812) 256-7942.


School Fundraising Opportunities


ABC Partnership "A Bench for Caps"

Green Tree Plastics


email:  sales@greentreeplastics

Turn plastic bottle caps into a park bench for your school

PepsiCo Recycling

Collect plastic bottles and aluminum cans and earn money for your school.


TerraCycle Brigades

Collect items such as Capri Sun drink pouches, shoes, food storage containers, and much more.  Earn money for your school. 



For more information about us:

Clark County Earth Day Mailing

Recycling Presentation Mailer

HHW Game Board




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