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2024 Electronics & Other Recycling Fees  

Effective March 6, 2024. 
FOR RESIDENTS ONLY, NO BUSINESSES.  Credit card, cash or check payments accepted.  All electronics and hazardous waste, that we accept, must be brought to our main office at 112 Industrial Way Charlestown, IN 47111.
  Hours:  M-F 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.  Wed.:  7 a.m.-7 p.m.
To schedule an appointment, either click here or please call (812) 256-7942.
Credit card, cash or check payments accepted.  Prices subject to change.

Antifreeze, motor oil
Automatic transmission fluid
Balloon Time tanks
Break fluid
Compressor Oil
Engine cycle oil
Fuel injector cleaner
Fryer oil (no lard)
Gear oil
Hydraulic fluid
Lead acid batteries
METAL appliances (washers, dryers, dishwashers, fans, heaters, toaster/toaster oven)
Power cords
Power steering fluid

Oil filters
Propane tanks
Refrigeration oil
SCRAP METAL (we have a dumpster specifically for this at our office, 112 Industrial Way, Charlestown)


The most effective and least costly way to dispose of household chemicals is to use them up completely for the reason they were originally purchased.  We reserve the right to refuse any material.

Alkaline and lithium batteries ARE NOT accepted at CCRD office.  Staples currently accepts alkaline batteries and toner cartridges.  Visit Staples for details.  Home Depot and Lowes accept some light bulbs at no cost.  Visit these stores for details.  Not accepted at CCRD: acids, corrosives, pool chemicals, or oxidizers.   

ALL ELECTRONICS ARE $0.40/LB. (Exception:  metal appliances)
Cell phones
Coffee maker (base only)
Computer mouse, tower, keyboard
Curling iron
DVD player

Game system
Hair dryer
Power tools
Toaster (if it's metal, it's free)

1-gallon of latex paint: $2.00 (recycled through American Paint Recyclers--latex paint can be combined with other latex paint only BY CUSTOMER IN ADVANCE if containers are partially full)
1-quart can of latex paint: $1.00
5-gallon paint pail (latex): $10.00

Oil Based Products (MUST BE LABELED) $4 per gallon
Brush and roller cleaner
Carburetor and parts cleaner

Car wax
Chrome cleaner
Concrete & grout sealer
Furniture refinisher
Stains (full or partial cans are $4 per gallon)
Surface primer

Light Bulbs (Home Depot, Lowes, etc., recycle certain light bulbs at no charge) 
Fluorescent tubes: $0.12/ft.
Broken fluorescent tubes: $3.02/lb.
HID lamps (100 watt): $1.50 ea.
U-tubes, circline, & compacts (4 pin): $0.69 ea.
UV lamps:  $6.00 ea. 

Items With Refrigerant -- currently free (subject to change)
This includes items such as dehumidifiers, freezers, refrigerators, a/c window units.


Effective May 10, 2024.  Thanks to the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management (IDEM) tire recycling is temporarily free for Clark Co., Indiana residents, while funds are available!  Tire recycling rules:  book appointment 8-10 a.m. Mon., Tues., Thurs. or Fri. online or call the office 812-256-7942.  Must show valid driver's license with Clark Co. address. Indicate quantity of tires to recycle.  Park parallel to concrete area near office.  Bring someone to help load and unload tires.

Tire Recycling (Some agriculture or tractor tires may require an estimate from our vendor)
Passenger/light duty (off rim): $2.50 
Passenger/light duty (on rim) $4.50
Semi-truck tires (off rim): $10.50 and up
Semi-truck tires (on rim) $17 and up
19.5 (off rim) $5 ea.
19.5 (on rim) $9 ea.
Skid steer tread (depends on width, thickness, length):  $25 and up
Rear tractor tires (off rim): $12.00 and up
Rear tractor tires (on rim): $20.00 and up
Floaters (off rim): $12.00 ea.
Floaters ( on rim): $14.00 ea.
Backhoe front/tractor front (off rim): $9.50 and up
Backhoe front/tractor front (on rim): $15.00 and up
Agriculture 10-16 $17.00 ea.
Agriculture 12-4-24 $25.00 ea.
Agriculture 85R 30 $31.00 ea.
Agriculture 24-28 & loader (off rim): $35.00 ea.
Agriculture 13-8 38  $39.00 ea.
Agriculture 18.4-42 $43.00 ea.
Agriculture 24-28 & loader (on rim): $45.00 ea.
Agriculture 28.5 + (off rim): $57.00 ea.
Agriculture 28.5 + (on rim): $82.00 ea.
Household cleaners, waxes, pesticides: $3.50/lb.
PCP ballasts: $3.75/lb.


Aerosol cans: $2.59/lb.
Pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides $5.00 flat fee 

PCB ballasts:  $3.75/lb.
Old gas and kerosene: $3.50/gal.


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