Household Hazardous Waste Disposal (HHW)
For residents only, no businesses.  Cash or check payment only.

All hazardous waste, that we accept,
must be brought to our main office at 112 Industrial Way Charlestown, IN 47111

To schedule an appointment, either click here or please call (812) 256-7942.
Cash or check payment only.  Prices subject to change. 

2022 Household Hazardous Waste Price List 

NOTE:  Alkaline and lithium batteries are not accepted at CCRD office, can be placed in regular trash.  See list on the right side of page for batteries we accept.

TV, Computer Monitors
$0.40/lb. to recycle, items are weighed in our warehouse 
Shipped by semi truckload to Greenwave, Indianapolis, IN​

Paint & Flammables  (MUST BE LABELED)
1-gallon of latex paint: $2.00 (recycled through American Paint Recyclers--latex paint can be combined with other latex paint only BY CUSTOMER IN ADVANCE if containers are partially full)
1-quart can of latex paint: $1.00
1-gallon oil-based paint: $4.00 (oil based paint containers can be combined with other oil based paint only BY CUSTOMER IN ADVANCE if containers are partially full)
1-quart oil-based paint: $2.00
5-gallon paint pail (oil-based): $20.00
Aerosol cans: $2.59/lb.
Flammable liquids: $3.50/gal.
E.g. turpentine, paint thinner, kerosene, wallpaper/paint stripper, chrome cleaner, gas treatment, muriatic acid ​

Light Bulbs (Home Depot & Lowes recycle certain light bulbs at no charge) 
Fluorescent tubes: $0.12/ft.
Broken fluorescent tubes: $3.02/lb.
HID lamps (100 watt): $1.50 ea.
U-tubes, circline, & compacts (4 pin): $0.69 ea.
UV lamps:  $6.00 ea. 

Refrigerators $10 ea. to remove refrigerant 
This includes items like dehumidifiers, freezers, refrigerators, a/c window units

Tire Recycling 
Passenger/light duty (off rim): $2.50 
Passenger/ light duty (on rim) $4.50
Semi-truck tires (off rim): $10.50 and up
Semi-truck tires (on rim) $16.50  and up
Skid steer tread (depends on width, thickness, length):  $25 and up

Rear tractor tires (off rim): $12.00 and up
Rear tractor tires (on rim): $20.00 and up
Floaters (off rim): $12.00
Floaters ( on rim): $14.00
Backhoe front/tractor front (off rim): $9.50 and up
Backhoe front/tractor front (on rim): $15.00 and up
Agriculture 24-28 & loader (off rim): $35.00
Agriculture 24-28 & loader (on rim): $45.00
Agriculture 28.5 + (off rim): $57.00
Agriculture 28.5 + (on rim): $82.00

Other materials 
Capacitors: $3.02/lb.
Loose packs: $3.50/lb. (pool chemicals, fertilizers, etc.​)
Photographic fixer: $6.77/gal.
Elemental mercury: $1.31/lb.
Mercury devices: $6.81/lb.
Corrosives, household cleaners, pesticides: $3.50/lb.
PCP ballasts: $3.75/lb. 


Free HHW Items: Residential Only
Certain Electronics 
Coffee makers 
Computer mouse
Copiers & printers
Curling iron
DVD/VCR players

Hair dryer
Head Phones


Power tools 
Cell Phones/Telephones


Fryer oil
NO LARD; max 5 gals. per visit, residents only​
Motor oil
Oil filters 
Automatic transmission fluid
Brake fluid 
Compressor oil
Engine cycle oil
Fuel injector cleaner
Gear oil 
Hydraulic fluid 
Power steering fluid 
Refrigeration oil
Transmission sealer 

Ballasts (non-PCP)
Helium tanks
Propane tanks 

Button batteries