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Go Grass Roots, Go Green Team:  Business, School, Organization

If you want to make earth friendly changes at the most basic level, consider creating a Green Team. A Green Team is an informal group of staff who work collectively to promote environmentally, socially, and economically friendly practices to help that organization become more sustainable.


Green Team Benefits: 

  1. Build a sense of community and a committed group of action-oriented people concerned about the impact of their consumption habits on the environment.

  2. Offer a forum where people can learn about environmental issues and exchange ideas.

  3. Develop money-saving skills through resource conservation and changing purchasing habits. 

  4. Reach beyond the team member to family or household, friends, and colleagues. 

Form Your Own Green Team:

Take the initiative and form your own Green Team. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Start small. Recruit members from key groups (finance, building operations, event planning, purchasing, publications/communications) in order to make project implementation easier.

  2. Walk through the building or campus. Assess the sustainability of the organization's current operations. 

  3. Make a list of potential projects. Reach out to colleagues in similar organizations. It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel to implement a project.

  4. Assess organizational resources (support from leadership, staff, time, and budget). Prioritize according to feasibility, pursue what can actually be completed. Example: Is there money in the budget available for recycle pickup or special containers?

  5. Develop realistic goals and schedule.

  6. Assign each project a leader who will follow up on tasks. 

  7. Put in play changes that make area(s) a more sustainable unit.

  8. Encourage others to become engaged in sustainable practices and lead by example.

  9. Monitor progress and coordinate with organization activities.

  10. Make it fun!


Recycle pick up for business, organizations, or schools:  contact company that picks up your trash first for possible service.  Other:  GreenLine Solutions:  Marcus Renn 502-724-7366; WestRock Recycling: Laura Veldman, 502-975-3091;  Tip for schools:  Greater Clark County school system recycles within schools.  Also, St. John Paul II Catholic School in Sellersburg recycles, contact these schools for more info. 

Recycle containers:  CCRD sells 96 gal recycle containers on wheels for $77 ($82 delivered); 18 gal. tubs $12; lids $6.  Also containers are available at most home improvement stores.  Make your own container?  CCRD has free waterproof recycle symbol stickers for your use.  Email us at

Electronics recycling: available through Green Wave Recycling:

Green Tree Plastics 

Coca-Cola Public Space Recycling Grant

Environmental Protection Agency

  • Nongovernmental organization grants 

  • Website: (Click link for more info) 

Freecycle Network

  • Grassroots effort (all nonprofit) of people who are giving and receiving free items in their communities.

  • Website: (Click link for more info) 

Circular Indiana

  • Online games for classroom, recycled craft ideas, and educational videos.  

  • Website: (Click link for more info)

Keep America Beautiful 

  • Resources for youth and educators from pre-kindergarten through college.

  • Designed using field-tested, proven behavior-change methodology.

  • Provides activities and tools to teach the fundamentals of litter prevention, preserving resources, responsible solid waste management, and teaching how to use the three R's (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

  • Nearly 1.75 million youths are reached annually through Keep America Beautiful formal classroom or informal educational presentations, projects and programs (Recycle Bowl Competition, America Recycles Day, National Planting Day, Recycling at Work, and Youth Advisory Council).

  • Website: (Click link for more info)

PepsiCo Recycling

  • Enhance recycling at your school, earn prizes and rewards.

  • Website: (Click link for more info)

TerraCycle Brigades 

  • TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard to recycle waste. 

  • TerraCycle offers a range of free programs that are funded by conscientious companies, as well as recycling solutions available for purchase of almost every form of waste. 

  • Collect items, such as Capri Sun drink pouches, and turn that into money for your school.

  • Website: (Click link for more info) 


  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle ideas. 

Trex Challenge (Trex makes plastic decking material from recycled plastics)

  • Donating unwanted plastic materials to Trex will help keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills.

  • Trex creates beautiful and environmentally responsible outdoor products.

  • As an additional incentive, communities and schools that enroll in their recycling programs are eligible for awards and prizes.

  • Elementary, middle, high schools, and universities/colleges may earn a free plastic bench by collecting various types of plastic film over a 6 month collection period. 

  • Website: (Click link for more info)


Textbook Recycling

Available through WestRock Recycling.  Contact:

Phone:  502-975-3091

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