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Note:  Curbside recycling routes WILL RUN on the Fourth of July.  The office at 112 Industrial Way, Charlestown, will be closed on the Fourth of July. 

Where the Accepted Recycling Goes -- the Clark County Recycling Trail:

NOTE:  Due to factors beyond our control, pricing has changed for electronics, household chemicals, batteries, etc.   Several items that were previously free now have a cost.  See page "Electronics & Other Recycling Fees" for details.

Clark County Recycling District Office-112 Industrial Way, Charlestown, IN 47111.
Hours M-F:  7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.  Extended:  Wed. 7 a.m.-7 p.m.  Credit cards, check, and cash accepted.  Purchase recycle containers by phone:  (812) 256-7942.

How the Re
cycling Program is Funded
Clark County Ordinance #1993-OR-34 established the mandatory recycling program in June 1993.  Clark County residents living within the city/town boundaries of Sellersburg, Jeffersonville, and Clarksville must pay the curbside recycling fee if the resident participates or does not participate in the program. Each
household in the curbside area incurs a yearly fee of $34.00, which is now included on the property tax statement. Residents in the unincorporated areas of Clark County pay a $17.00 annual fee for 24 hr. drop off recycling in Henryville (102 S. Furgeson St.); New Washington (412 S. Poplar St.); Starlight (St. Johns/Rake Rd.) and Borden (14304 Hwy. 60). 

$5,000 Best Video:  Miles Courson, Jeffersonville High School (1st row, left)
$3,000 Runner Up:  Breanna Billups, New Washington HS (1st row, right)
$1,000 Contender:  Ayden Carver, Henryville High School (2nd row, left)
$1,000 Contender:  Caiden White, Jeffersonville High School (2nd row, right)
$1,000 Contender:  Vanessa Gogel, Charlestown High School (bottom row)


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